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Adelaide’s #1 in Nationally Accredited First Aid Courses

5 Tips for a Fun and Safe Halloween this 2020

Safe Halloween

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Spooky decorations, pumpkins on neighbour’s doorsteps, and incredible candy sales at your nearest local grocery store can only mean one thing: It is Halloween! 

But this holiday is not all just fun and games. It also has a dark side. There is real danger lurking around this holiday, such as having sprained ankles or tripping and falling. There is also a risk of eye injuries from the costume props and the street safety and danger after dark which pose hazards for our little ones. 

Halloween also happens to be a busy night for your local emergency room. To avoid visiting yourself, plan ahead of time to ensure your little monsters and little fairies remain safe. With a bit of awareness, your whole family can have a happy and fun Halloween night.


Here are 5 tips for a safe Halloween:


1. Keep the kid’s costume safe

We know that your kids want to wear Anna’s long gown from Frozen or want to be batman for the night, but please help your child choose a costume that will be safe and fun for them. 

The last thing we want is to send our kids trick or treating in a mask that they can’t see out of. Ensure that they can properly see through the mask and avoid using long costumes that may cause falling or tripping. Limit their accessories, and absolutely avoid dangling costumes.


2. Be extra careful when pumpkin carving 

Carving pumpkins is a common Halloween activity. It is a great way to get together families, friends and kids and see who can create the most awesome jack-o-lantern.

While it is a fun activity, there are accidents. Knives and other sharp objects used for carving can slip and may cause cuts and bleeding. To avoid that, closely supervise the kids or, if possible, do not let kids 14 and below use sharp objects and instead encourage them to paint a pumpkin.


3. Trick or Treat Safety

Excited children running around the neighbourhood after dark for treat or treating can be a recipe for disaster. Remind your kids to always look both ways before crossing any street. It is highly advisable to have a responsible adult accompany them on their route to get candy.

Make sure to grab flashlights and reflective gear, and if possible, make them wear glow in the dark costumes or bright colours that will make them easier to spot at night. 


4. Check treats thoroughly

The moment your kids are home from trick or treating, check their treats to ensure they are safely sealed. There are high cases of kids poisoning during Halloween due to candy and chocolate tampering, where malevolent strangers hide poisons and other sharp objects to harm children.

Throw out any loose candy, spoiled items and treats that appear to have been taped or glued back together.


5. Learn First Aid

Despite our best efforts and all applied cautions, there is still a possibility that our children will somehow get injured this Halloween. Your knowledge in first aid application can make a huge difference in these situations.

Learn how to treat a head injury, choking, sprain or strain, and bleeding wounds which are the common injuries during the Halloween celebrations. It is strongly advised that you attend a First Aid Course to understand what to do in a medical emergency.

First Aid Pro Adelaide is a nationally recognized training provider who can provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to keep your kids and family safe. 

Talk to us today. 

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