Adelaide’s #1 in Nationally Accredited First Aid Courses

Adelaide’s #1 in Nationally Accredited First Aid Courses


First Aid Courses for the Work Place

First Aid Courses for trades at the Work PlaceIn any workplace, there is the potential for a sudden illness or freak accident to take someone out of action and put them in serious danger. In such situations, having someone to provide workplace first aid until medical assistance arrives can be critical, potentially preventing serious harm or even death. Every workplace should have access to someone with up-to-date first aid training, and it’s the responsibility of every management team to ensure there are staff members with current first aid certification on hand.

Emergencies can occur in any type of workplace, be it an office, a warehouse, or a factory where heavy machines are regularly used. There are also many forms of medical emergency – including cuts, falls, crushing injuries and situations where the patient is bleeding heavily, struggling with respiratory difficulties, or suffering a potential heart attack – just to name a few. First aid training can prepare you to assist in many such situations, and give you the best chance possible of responding calmly and competently, and perhaps even saving a life. This immediate medical assistance also helps medical professionals when arrive on scene, as they can access crucial details about the patient’s condition and know what steps have been taken to assist before their arrival.

The first aid training delivered by FirstAidPro is all delivered as a one-day course, and can in some cases can even be delivered on weekends – meaning a worker undertaking training doesn’t need to be absent from the workplace long – if at all. And in return, they receive invaluable training, allowing them to intervene in medical emergencies and potentially save lives.

Our one-day HLTAID011 Provide First Aid course can be delivered from one of our wide selection of training locations throughout South Australia (and further afield). We can also come to you, delivering on-site training for groups at your business or workplace.

If you’re ever been in a situation where someone around you needed urgent medical attention, or was unconscious and required CPR, you’ll understand just how important it is to have people with relevant first aid training close to hand. Would you have the knowledge and skills to help in a crisis?

FirstAidPro is a leading Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO #40407), offering high quality first aid training suitable for all kinds of professional contexts. We also offer specialised training suitable for specific kinds of trade – including safe manual handling, low voltage rescue and construction industry safety training (aka “White Card”). These qualifications are nationally recognised, and suitable for almost every professional context requiring first aid certification.

It is a requirement in the State of South Australia that all electrical safety observers complete LVR course every 12 months.

If you’re looking to get trained up in First Aid, CPR, Basic Emergency Life Support (aka BELS), Low Voltage Rescue, Manual Handling, or White Card, get in touch with us! We’d love to help!

Take part in one of our fun, informative first aid or CPR courses and enjoy:
  • Highly trained course tutors – all of our course tutors have many years of experience
  • Comprehensive course material – take home your notes and re-visit the course at your leisure
  • A supportive, fun and friendly learning environment – great team building opportunity!
  • A nationally recognised certificate from a recognised training organization (RTO)

Don’t forget – the larger the group, the lesser the cost!

To secure your place simply contact us now.

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