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Bounce into Easter With These 5 Safety Tips

Easter eggs

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First off, we want to greet you and your family with a safe and happy Easter. We hope that even with the restrictions in Adelaide and other states, you can still make the most out of your Easter holiday.

Let’s start.

Just like the rest of the world, the Easter traditions in Australia are a little bit different and unique. Easter celebration is an important Christian holiday where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Most Australians choose to celebrate Easter in different ways, depending on their religious beliefs, interests, and hobbies.

Because Australia is located down under or in the southern hemisphere, Easter falls during autumn. Easter celebration coincides with school breaks for the kids, and most parts of Australia enjoy the best weather of the year. For that reason, Easter celebration often involves outdoor activities and adventures spent with friends and family.

Here are some of the ways Australians do celebrate the Easter holiday.


Attend a Church service

Easter is one of the most significant holidays on the Christian calendar. About 61% of the Australian population are Christians, and many families and groups will attend church service over the Easter period.

In Australia, Easter begins on Good Friday. Many Christians will prioritise attending the Stations of the Cross at their local Church. This day marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and what they consider the day of mourning.


Easter Bunny (Easter Bilby)

Australians have their own rendition of the iconic Easter Bunny. Many people prefer to acknowledge it as the Easter Bilby, a small rodent found in Australia.

Several organisations and animal welfare groups use the Easter celebration to raise money and awareness for endangered animal species such as the Bilby. The tradition, however, remains with the Easter Bunny (or Easter Bilby). It involves hiding chocolate eggs, candies, and other sweets for children to find.


Festivals and Cultural Events

Many cultural events and festivals take place during Easter throughout Australia. Although we may not be attending any of those events this year, we can still host a dinner or events in our backyard.

But in the past years, pre-covid, we’ve had the Royal Easter Show in Sydney, where there are rides, exhibits, and farm animals for the kids. There are also charitable and cultural organisations that organise a Pancake Day to kickstart Easter long weekend. Other cultural festivals are being held in other states as well. These include Canberra’s National Folk Festival, the Perth International Arts Festival in WA, and the Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival in Northern New South Wales.

All of these Easter celebrations are fun and memorable. However, along with these celebrations are the risk of potential health and safety emergencies.


Easter Eggs Safety

The annual tradition of Easter egg hunting and colouring is upon us. To make sure this continues to be a fun and safe family activity, it will not hurt if you take extra precautions. When dealing with eggs, you need to be aware of the risk of Salmonella or food poisoning. Always thoroughly cook the eggs and cool them before using them.

If you have concerns about using boiled eggs, consider replacing them with plastic or chocolate eggs that you can buy at the supermarket. Hide toys and treats inside for a surprise.

It is a much-loved Easter tradition to colour and create unique Easter egg designs. To avoid bacteria going into the mouth, ensure that everyone washes their hands before and after touching the eggs.

Eggs that have cracked during cooking or while preparing are an easy target for bacteria. It is best to avoid colouring and eating those. Use only food-grade dyes/paints or use organic colour styles using grape juice, tea, beetroot, blueberries, turmeric to make your dye.


Choking Hazards and Allergies

If you decide on using plastic eggs, check their contents and avoid filling them with any possible choking hazards. Safe Easter ideas for young children include toy cars, hair accessories, chalk, and of course, treats. Do not forget to add fruit snacks, sweets, chocolate, and cereal. Children, especially those below five years, should be under supervision when playing eating sweets. For toddlers, do not give them candies and jellybeans.

For allergies, ask parents or anyone attending the Easter egg hunt if they have food allergies. It is easier to do that to avoid anaphylaxis and allergic reaction.


Fire Hazards

It is easier to get careless when you are caught up celebrating and having a good time with your family and friends. To avoid fire burning up your home, avoid using charcoal and gasoline-fuelled devices indoors. Never leave any source unattended that can result in fires.


Decorate safely

If you are planning to decorate, start by cleaning and inspecting all your tools and equipment. Once you locate all the parts, you can assemble them yourself or with the help of others.

Never use accessories, cords, lighting sources, and other equipment that are old and damaged. Do not overload the electrical outlets and cables, and all-out electronics should be plugged in a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFI). It serves as extra protection for electrical problems.

When choosing Easter decorations, always opt for items with non-flammable materials.

Never block exit ways, and do not leave fire or heat sources unattended.


Outdoor dangers

Before hiding the Easter eggs, walk through the surrounding area and remove hazardous items like sharp garden tools, hoses, and chemicals. If you have small children in your household, create boundaries to keep them from wandering too far. Hide the eggs in areas that are safe and away from hazards, such as wild animals, lawn chemicals, and other hazardous items.

If you are worried about everyone’s safety, consider playing alternative Easter games. Organise a hide and seek, an Easter egg spoon race, pin the tail on the Easter bunny, and a safer Easter egg hunt.

Both children and adults look forward to Easter activities every spring. By following these Easter safety tips, you can host a fun, safe, and memorable Easter Sunday for you and your loved ones.

Happy Easter! 🥚🐇

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