Adelaide’s #1 in Nationally Accredited First Aid Courses

Adelaide’s #1 in Nationally Accredited First Aid Courses

Festival and Event First Aid

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Attending a festival or event may pose safety risks for attendees. In these situations, knowledge in first aid may come in handy.

Events and festivities can be exhausting and is often composed of late nights, strange foods, and different environment. All these can take a toll on people’s health.

Health and Safety in the Event Industry

Small and large events are slowly returning to normal now that Australia has officially opened its borders. However, it does not mean that risks and hazards do not exist in these types of festivities.

Several health and safety risks can arise from events. These include dehydration, alcohol and substance abuse, assault, extreme weather conditions, injuries, and illnesses.

Event organizers and attendees both have responsibilities to keep everyone safe. Proper planning, management and collaboration, and learning first aid can reduce the likelihood of harm.

The Event and Festival Goers Guide to First Aid

Follow these guidelines to stay safe and make the most out of the experience.

Know the location of the first aid tent

Scout the area upon arrival and familiarize yourself with the space. Identify key areas such as the first aid tent in case of an emergency. Doing so will save time and stress in locating it in times of trouble.

Most events will provide a map or app, making it easy for attendees to locate without the need to scout around the festival grounds. Always ask for help when needed.

Stay cool and hydrated.

Dehydration occurs when the body suffers from fluid loss, resulting in fainting and interfering with normal body function. It is linked to extreme weather conditions – a common problem at festivals where hundreds or thousands of people gather.

Dehydration can affect people of all ages, causing dizziness, sudden headache, dry mouth, and other physical symptoms. Without treatment, severe dehydration can be fatal.

Drink plenty of water throughout the event to prevent dehydration. Do not wait to experience extreme thirst and stop symptoms before it dampens the overall experience.

Wear loose-fitting clothes, hats, sunglasses, and apply sunscreen for additional protection.

Use the Buddy System

Embracing a buddy system helps everyone have an incredible time while remaining safe. Stick with friends and have a designated meeting place where everyone can regroup if they get separated.

Stay connected and stick in well-lit areas as much as possible. Have a backup battery for the phone in case of emergency.

Drink Safely

Alcohol and substance overdose is the most common non-trauma related injuries and fatalities in events and festivals.

Drink spiking and excessive alcohol intake can make people feel drunk, dizzy, and nauseous. It can also result in unconsciousness and make it difficult to focus and communicate.

Maintain a healthy balance between alcohol intake and water consumption. Alcoholic drinks are diuretics, which makes the body process and filter drinks at a much faster rate.

Remember always to drink responsibly.

Bring Medication

Events may be all-day, or they may stretch over several days. Taking enough amounts of medications that can last throughout the festival is a good idea.

Seek out emergency assistance from nearby aid providers in case of losing your medications.


Planning ahead is the key to a fun, exciting, and most importantly, safe festival experience.

Following the tips mentioned above can help protect yourself and others from the risks and hazards that may happen in an event.

We encourage everyone to go above and beyond and sign up for basic first aid and CPR training classes before attending events. Investing a few hours will enable you to learn a wide range of skills that are beneficial in different first aid situations.

Best of all, these skills are transferrable. Learning first aid skills are relevant and can help anyone become a lifesaver anytime, anywhere.

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